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Human Capital Analytics ESG

Yet another partnership for the benefit of our members!

In this case, we’ve partnered up with the American Conference Institute’s ESG Forum on Human Capital Analytics & SEC Disclosures, which will take place virtually on November 15-16, 2021.

As an IGCA member, you may receive a 10% discount using the IGCA Code D10-728-728AX05 upon check out.

Why Should You Attend?

What differentiates this event from most others is its focus on the “how to” of leveraging metrics and analytics to satisfy investor, board, and SEC reporting expectations.

During this two-day session, key stakeholders and participants will engage in discussions on metrics, developing a “material” human capital reporting framework, data acquisition, integrity and governance, and the finer points of how to comply with SEC reporting requirements.

ACI’s event offers the ideal setting for cutting-edge, recently established, and other organizations to connect, compare notes, gain the latest Human Capital Analytics best practices, and expand their network.

Topics to Be Covered

– Defining Human Capital and Standardizing ESG Reporting and Disclosure Requirements

– Human Capital Reporting as a Competitive Differentiator: Leveraging Analytics and Reporting as a Demonstration of Corporate Values

– Inside ESG Report Preparation: First-Hand Insights on How to Approach to Metrics, Analytics and Reporting

– Beyond Encouragement: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion Reporting to Highlight Transparency and a Commitment to Workforce Equity

– The “How to” Aspect of Gathering, Analyzing and Interpreting Data

– What’s Next?: The Future of Human Capital Reporting and Disclosures

– And plenty more!

Human Capital ESG Speakers

To cover these topics, the event will host speakers from a wide array of organizations such as Microsoft, PwC, the Human Capital Management Institute, and the Human Capital Investment & Reporting Council (HCIRC), among others.

Register Today & SAVE 10% with IGCA Code: D10-728-728AX05!

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch directly with the ACI at customerservice@americanconference.com or give them a call at +1-888-224-2480.

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