Our Vision

The International Governance & Compliance Association (IGCA) is a non-for-profit global professional accreditation and certification organisation, as well as a networking platform. We aim to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and sharing of experiences among compliance, risk, cybersecurity, and governance professionals. At IGCA, we aspire to continuously grow our community of professionals to ensure multi-jurisdictional regulatory compliance in financial services and to share values, experience, expertise and opportunities

Our Mission

To improve the integrity of the global financial services industry by:

  • providing access to a globally recognised certification and continuous education programmes that will enable the compliance, risk, cybersecurity, technology and governance community to improve effectiveness and support businesses
  • offering a valuable forum for professionals from all over the world, focusing on how the latest developments on compliance, risk, cybersecurity and governance may improve the efficiency and effectiveness of organisations
  • sharing information and offering insights and support to provide knowledge for best industry practices
  • facilitating the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience by holding annual conferences, expanding member networks, creating high value content and increasing the visibility of our work in the financial and other industry sectors
  • Our Values

    Our values define who we are as a global professional organisation. They define the way we work with each other and the way we engage with our members and partners.

  • Professional Training Certifications – providing certifications of the highest benchmark – created based on international standards of competence relevant to compliance, risk, cybersecurity, technology and governance professionals Networking – providing a platform where professionals can network and share ideas with fellow colleagues from all over the world
  • Professionalism – promoting professional relationships and high-quality expertise in compliance, risk, cybersecurity and governance
  • Innovation – sharing our knowledge and best practices whilst building on our experience and expertise. By exchanging ideas and know-how, we identify trends and seek to affect positive change thereby creating sustainable value for our current and future stakeholders
  • Global – creating a global community, uniting members from Europe, Africa, North and South America, Oceania and Asia
  • What does the IGCA do?

  • It constitutes an international representative body of same minded professionals
  • It promotes global and harmonized standards with regards to laws and regulation relating to compliance, risk, cybersecurity, technology and governance
  • It engages in dialogue with relevant authorities and institutions
  • It educates professionals in the private and public sector organisations about set standards and the strategies and practices required to meet them
  • It certifies the achievements of its members
  • It provides a networking platform for collaboration and peer to peer learning amongst members throughout the world
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