The IGCA Code of Conduct
Members of the International Governance & Compliance Association (IGCA) are expected to adhere to a series of tenets that are fundamental to the execution of its overall mission.

  1. All members are expected to perform their duties as compliance and governance officers and risk managers in the most ethical manner possible. Pursuing best practices that are steeped in ethical and proper decision-making are non-negotiable. Maintaining a high level of integrity will serve as the backbone to the work being performed by our organization.

  2. IGCA’s members should always strive to advance or improve as professionals, proactively seeking to better the compliance, governance and risk management industries as a whole. This involves exchanging sound ideas and opinions with likeminded colleagues, actively participating in IGCA trainings and conferences, gaining accreditations that further one’s status in the industry, and offering advice or knowledge to other fellow professionals when required.

  3. As an international network of GRC professionals, cooperation or partnership is of the utmost importance. Despite our many differences, members should treat each other with respect, honesty and fairness and be willing to give a lending hand when it is in need. Being transparent and open when participating in all of our organization’s activities should become second nature to our members. Furthermore, building a strong sense of community devoid of competition and infighting will guarantee our success and that of our members.

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