IGCAP: The IGCA Professional Certifications

The International Governance and Compliance Professional (IGCAP) certifications ensure that an individual has the skills and technical knowledge required to perform the duties of a governance-related officer, risk manager and compliance officer, or internal auditor role within an organisation.

IGCAP is the foundation for all of our other certifications. These certifications are suitable for every compliance, risk, finance and internal audit professional operating within a regulated environment.

IGCAF: The IGCA Fellow Certification

Our Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance is the basis of our International Governance and Compliance Fellow (IGCAF) certification. This certification covers the following aspects of the GRC world:

  • Understanding governance, risk and compliance and our regulated ecosystem.
  • Why governance and a strong corporate culture are essential for effective regulatory compliance and risk management.
  • The role of the compliance department and compliance professionals.
  • Risk management as the key to effective compliance.
  • And plenty more!

  • The International Governance and Compliance Fellow (IGCAF) certificate demonstrates that an individual is an expert in the governance, risk and compliance (GRC) field. Not only does an IGCAF have the core knowledge, skills and understanding to offer advice on matters related to governance, risk, compliance and their functions, but also the relevant depth of knowledge and experience to integrate all gained knowledge under an operational model.

    Maintaining Your IGCA Certification

    In order to maintain your IGCA Certification, you must complete a simple Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme on an annual basis.

  • For IGCAPs, a 10-hour annual requirement applies.
  • For IGCAF, a 15-hour annual requirement applies.

  • CPD Training resources are available as:
  • Live webinars and online events
  • Self-paced eLearning courses
  • In-person training workshops
  • Official IGCA Training Partners

    IGCA does not directly offer training for candidates preparing to take their exams for an IGCA certification.

    IGCA has partnered up with several training institutions or external partners that have been accredited to offer the relevant training via various delivery methods, including live seminars, live online courses and/or self-paced eLearning courses.

    For more information about our Official IGCA Training Partners or courses contact us at info@igca.org.

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